Exhibition: L’Esport es il·lusió

From 2 September to 31 October, the exhibition room at the Joan Antoni Samaranch Museu Olímpic i de l'Esport (Olympics and Sports Museum) will host Gabriela Mihailescu’s photography exhibit 'L'Esport es il·lusió'. The inaugural ceremony will feature the presence of Maribel Martínez de Murguía, Barcelona '92 Olympic champion with the field hockey team, who will offer a conference at the end of the exhibition.

Gabriela Mihailescu

Every since I was a little girl, I loved to watch the young gymnasts who trained in the city where I was born. My memories of some of them like Nadia Comaneci brought me to love sports. Although I did not practise seriously, tennis was my motivation. The values provided by sports and habitual practise – attitudes of overcoming and sacrifice, recognition for victory and defeat as learning opportunity as well as the excitement of triumph are all part of the most enriching sensations I have experienced. Trying to reflect these inner feelings with a camera is difficult, but it is possible if you are able to capture the effort, happiness, emotions, beauty and art of the movements and even the surrounding anecdotes. I have been combining my professional work with this sports photography hobby for many years. My training, just like that of some of the masters of this art who I admire and from whom I continuously learn, is self-didactic.

Maribel Martínez de Murguía

As a hockey player, she competed 119 times internationally, achieved 3 silver medals and 3 bronze medals at European Cups, was Olympic Champion having won the gold medal at the Barcelona Olympic Games (1992), and was granted the Olympic Order by the Spanish Olympic Committee. As a coach, she participated with the National Women’s Field Hockey Team at the 2000 Sidney Olympic Games which attained a worthy 4th place. She is currently a partner, athlete, manager and coach with makeateam. She directs the R+D+i department, is a regular on the conference circuit and a trainer and also actively participates in customer management. She also works as an organisational, personal and sports coach.