Organised by the Barcelona Olympic Foundation. The Olympic Movement goes beyond sport. Communicating values is one of the main aims of the Olympics, and while its principle instrument is sport, it’s not the only element that plays a part in this philosophy. Painting, sculpture and music are some other elements that, combined with sport, boost its power.

For this reason, the Barcelona Olympic Foundation holds an biannual international art award welcoming any artwork on paper.

Out of all the works received, the jury will select three winning pieces to receive cash prizes: €2,500 (1st place), €1,500 (2nd place) and €1,000 (3rd place).

The theme must be linked to sport and/or the Olympic movement from any perspective. Works executed on any paper medium, which are original and unique.

These works, along with the competition finalists, will be exhibited in a temporary showcase taking place at the Olympic and Sport Museum of Barcelona.