Streets, places, parks and gardens

It is curious to highlight the fact that out of the thousands of names of streets and squares in the city of Barcelona, only a small group is dedicated to sportspersons and sports administrators; by contrast, there are 136 names of male saints, 52 female saints and 46 doctors. There is also a substantial ecclesiastical contingent: 13 Fathers of the Church, 8 cardinals, 5 canons, as well as 11 ports, two of them Chinese, and 6 admirals. To me this representation is very disproportionate, particularly bearing in mind the importance of sport and the key role it plays in our society, and especially in the city of Barcelona. It is true, as we shall see later, that there are a few other sport-related names, and even names of cities that have hosted the Olympic Games, but even so there are important deficiencies.