An Olympic relationship between two Millenniums: Minicius and Barcelona

The Olympic Games as they are known today were decided in 1894, in the Sorbonne, Paris, as a reconstruction, a revival that started from scratch and which was based on nineteenth-century sports, although the games took the name of an event that had disappeared many years earlier. Despite this undeniable reality, from the very beginning efforts have been made to hide this discontinuity with ancient Olympia by recovering elements and symbols from antiquity. Some good examples are provided by using Olympiad to refer to a period of four years or the lighting of the flame in the sanctuary of Olympia. The Games held in Athens in 1896 were organised by the Greeks with a clear vocation of looking ahead to the 5th century CE, when they declined the ancient agones (contests) of Olympia and presented the Games as a proposal for the future. Nevertheless there were significant differences. As mentioned by Dr Fernández Peña, the Olympic Games today are an extremely important sporting event for contemporary societies and, thanks to the media, they reach a universal level.