Maite Fandos, president of the Fundació Barcelona Olímpica, was the person that gave the Ánfora Ciudad de Barcelona to the best film in the 4th edition of the BCN Sports Film Festival to PURA VIDA, a production by Pablo Iraburu and Igor Otxoa. This documentary reconstructs in detail the attempted rescue operation of Iñaki Ochoa met at Anapurna some of the best climbers of the world.

The Special Award of the Jury – composed by Isabel Bosch -journalist and member of the Office of Management TV3 Television of Catalonia-; Mayuko Fujiki -bronze medal at the American Cup and the Olympic Games in Atlanta’96 head coach of the U.S. team at the 2012 London Olympics and current coach of the Spanish synchronized swimming team-; José M. Montero -ex-basketball player of the Peña, FC Barcelona, ​​the Limoges and the Atlanta Hawks-; Roland Nguyen -consultant-movie, best world specialist short, linked for more than 20 years the group France Televisions and member of the Academy Awards – Cesar-; and Fernando Trullols -filmmaker, has worked with Luis Garcia Berlanga, J.A. Bayona, Isabel Coixet and Jose Luis Cuerda among others. Winner of the 2012 Goya for best short fiction with El Barco Pirata – went to the movie A Fine line, France, by Seb Montaza and Kilian Jornet. Pick award Oriol Cortacans, distributor.

BCN Sports Film is characterized by the diversity of the awards that went to:

 Award for best Production of Catalonia

CAMÍ A ALASKA by Gerard Mills, Catalonia. Jordi Sans athletic director and public relations UFEC, gave the award  to Gerard Mills, Tanit Fernandez and Álvaro Bayona.

Award for best Documentary production

PLAY by Manuel Herrero, France.

Award for best Fiction Film

BALANCE by Mark Ram, the Netherlands.

Teresa Agulló the Barcelona Olympic Foundation gave the award to Mark Ram.

 Award for best short film

FREESTILE LIFE by Adam Palencia, Poland.

Esther Marquès, director of production FILMETS Badalona Film Festival, gave the award to Bibiana Schönhöffer, actress, director and meditate Film Festival Ciutadella de Menorca.

Award for best Animated Film

OBEN by Bah Thuierno, Pierre Leda Martins and Noah David Giuliani, France.

Microgestió, business partner of the festival, gave the award to ALVARO YEBRA, distributor of audiovisuals contents.

Award for best film of Adventure Sports

NEXT STOP GREENLAND by Lara Izaguirre, Basque Country.

Antonio Urano gave the award to the director Izaguirre Lara and Alvaro Bultó

 Awrad for the best film about Solidarity and Sport

LES REBELLES DU FOOT by Gill Perez and co-directed by Gill Rof, produced by Canto Bross, Jean-Marie Cantona, Eric Cantona and Joel Cantona, a coproduction of Bosnia, Brazil, France, Ivory Coast, Tunisia and Chile.

Barbara Destefanis gave the award to Gill Pérez and Gill Roff.

Award for the best Report

TOWN OF RUNNERS by Jerry Rothwell, UK.

Julio Pernas, director of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation, gave the award to the director Jerry Rothwell.

Award the best Photograpy Casanova Photo

SUNSHINE THE OLYMPICS 2012  by Jens Lind, Sweden.

The award was gaven to ESTHER Calatayud responsible procurement ESPN Classic EMEA

 Award FILMETS Badalona Film Festival,  Human Values ​​and Sports

DREAM RACER, coproduction of Australia, Chile and Argentina.

Jordi Viladoms gave the award to Juan Fernandez, deputy mayor of Badalona, in representation of the author.

Eduardo Admetlla, with 89 years old, a pioneer and a leader in the world of scuba diving filming, received theHonor Award of the fourth edition of the BCN Sports Film.