Sports Watercolour Award 2010 of the Barcelona Olympic Fundation. Results of the first phase

The jury of the 1st International Sports Watercolour Award held its first meeting on March 31, 2010. After carefully studying the works entered for competition, the verdict issued by simple majority is that the following shortlisted works shall go on to the second phase:

Silvia, corre, by Francesc Bueno Espinosa (Spain)  
Cap de marató, by Francesc Bueno Espinosa (Spain)  
Flying high, by Luca Zannini (Italy)  
Cosmic athletique, by Luca Zannini (Italy)  
Atleta nº 1, by Julio Roig Garcia (Spain)  
Superación, by Julio Roig Garcia (Spain)  
Meta, by Ismael Darío Cardozo Duarte (Uruguay)  
Velocista, by Oscar Álvarez Pardo (Spain)  
Esprint dins la boira, by Teresa Jordà Vitó (Spain)  
Barcelona olímpica, by Gorka Piñol Tabernero (Spain)  
Ritme, by Montserrat Molina Relea (Spain)
9,58, by Sebastián Velasco Navarro (Spain)
Màxima concentración, by Francisco Solano Jiménez Castro (Spain)
Medio fondo, by Ignacio José Echevarría Rodríguez (Spain)
Marathon, by Pablo Rubén López Sanz (Spain)
Citius et invictus, by Enrique Sierra Balsells (Mexico)
The jump, by Martin Navrátil (Slovakia)

The artists selected should send their original watercolours to the Barcelona Olympic Foundation headquarters by April 19, 2010. The works will form part of an exhibition to be held at the Olympic and Sports Museum from June 15 to September 10, 2010. Of these 17 selected works, 3 will be chosen as winners, and their authors will be notified of the result after June 1, 2010, when the jury shall hold a second meeting to reach this decision.