The Joan Antoni Samaranch Centre for Olympic and Sports Studies receives a donation from Isidre Rigau, planning and organisation consultant for major sports events.

The donated collection contains over 5000 volumes (documentation, books, magazines, reports, projects, etc.), which include the documents related to the organisation of the World Swimming Championships in Barcelona (2003 and 2013), Madrid’s candidature for the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, as well as the Davis Cup final in 2009, the World Handball Championship in 2013 and the World Roller Games held in Barcelona in 2019.

Isidre Rigau, who holds a degree in architecture, was the Sports Logistics Director of the Barcelona Organising Olympic Committee in 1992 (COOB’92). Today, Rigau is a founding partner and director of Summa Sports (1993) where he works as a planning and organisation consultant for major sports events, renowned for his rigour, methodology and broad and innovative approaches.