The swiss production suiza HUGO KOBLET: PÉDALEUR DE CHARME, by DANIEL VON AARBURG vas the winner of Àmfora Ciutat de Barcelona of the BCN Sports Film 2011, given by Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport Joan Antoni Samaranch.

Carme Mas, president of Federació Catalana de Ciclisme, on behalf of the winner film, took the prize from Maite Fandos, councillor at Ajuntament de Barcelona

The rest of the awards were:

Special award from the jury to NOSTALGIA EN LA MESA 8 8 by the argentinian filmmaker ANDY MUSCHIETTI. The members of the jury Paloma del Río, director of sport contents at RTVE, Esther Calatayud, from the International channel ESPN  and Joaquin Marín, from Universidad de Comunicación de Sevilla gave the award to Andi Muschietti.

Best catalan film PARAULES AL VOLTANT DEL MÓN by GUILLE CASCANTE and ALBERT BARGUÉS, Sussana Ribas assistant manager of cultur 

e at Fundació la Caixa, gave the award to GUILLE CASCANTE – filmmaker.

Best spanish movie LA GRAN CARRERA, by KOTE CAMACHO. Ot Pi, ex campionship of Trialsin, gave the award to Iñako Gurrutxaga, in charge of contents at EITB 3 TV.

Best documentary BREAKING THE ICE, by Noy, Teresa Agulló, member of the Organizer Commitee of the BCN Sports Film 2011, gave the prize to Aina Sabaté, representing the winner.

Best movie on Olympics ROMA 1960, LA GRANDE OLIMPIADE, by MARINO BERTOLETTI and MAURIZIO MALABRUZZI, a RAI production, Alejandro Blanco, president of the Comité Olímpico Español, gave the award to Maurizio Malabruzzi.

Best movie on adventure sports and mountain PIEDRA DE LUZ, by SEBASTIAN ALVARO. Juli Pernas, director of Fundació Barcelona Olímpica gave the prize to Sebastián Álvaro.

Best movie on winter sports 11 DEGRÉES, a report directed by ANNA EWERT. Gabi Arranz, manager of Institut Barcelona Esport gave the award to EFTHYMIA ZYMVRAGAKI, on behalf of the greek fimmaker.

Best movie on sports and solidarity The 16H MAN, by CLIFFORD BESTALL produced by ESPN. Paloma del Río, director of sport contents at RTVE gave the award to Ivan Cabrera, director of DOGVILLE 3D Film Festival.

Best fiction movie (ex aequo) ) THE DIVINE TRANSITION, by Pelle Hybbinette (Sweden) and WATER LILIES IN BLOOM, d’EMIL STANG LUND, a Parabel Film production, from Norway. Juli Pernas, Director of Fundació Barcelona Olímpica gave the prize to Roberto Ceschina, in charge of  MEDIA  Program from the UE in Italy.

Best shortfilm NOSTALGIA EN LA MESA 8 by the argentinian filmmaker ANDY MUSCHIETTI. Barbara Destefanis, director of Nikita Audiovisual Production gave the award to Andy Muschietti.

Best animated movie, LE PETIT DRAGON, de BRUNO COLLET. Marco Sanz, representing Microgestió, gave the prize to Antoine Elizavé on behalf of the winner.

Best children’s film ÁLEX ET LES FANTÔMES by Éric Warin a Cité Amérique del Québec/Canadá production. Jordi Pintó, director of external relations at El Corte Inglés, gave the prize to Clara Doucet, programmer at MECAL Barcelona.