11th Olympic Museums Network General Assembly

The International Meeting of World Olympic Museums is organized annually by the Olympic Museum of Lausanne, in an effort to generate synergies among the various Olympic Museums throughout the world that are members of the Olympic Museum Network, under the sponsorship of the IOC. The IOC grants a credential to those museums that comply with the established organizational norms, as indicated from Lausanne. The Olympic Museum located in Barcelona, known as Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport Joan Antoni Samaranch, is one of the 27 official museums in the world.

The meeting was held in Nanjing Olympic Museum, People’s Republic of China.

The Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Mr. Francis Gabet
  • Ms. Frédérique Jamolli
  • Ms. Stèphanni Coppex
  • Ms. Anne Chevalley

China Sports Museum, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

  • Ms. Li Xue
  • Ms. Yingnan Cui

Tianjin Dagon Olympic Museum, Tianjin, People’s Republic of China

  • Mr .Ching-Kuo Wu

USA Olympic Museum

  • Ms. Andrea Brooke Doyle

Xiamen Olympic Museum, Xiamen, People’s Republic of China

  • Mr .Ching-Kuo Wu

Samaranch Memorial, Tianjin, People’s Republic of China

  • Mr .Ching-Kuo Wu

Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport Joan Antoni Samaranch, Barcelona,  Spain

  • Mr. Vángelis Villar
  • Ms. Ibone Lallana

The Sports Museum Foundation of Finland, Helsinki, Finland

  •  Mr. Pekka Honkanem
  •  Ms. Kaisa Laitinen

Thessaloniki Olympic Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Ms. Kyriaki Oudatzi

Seoul Olympic Museum, Seoul, Republic of Korea

  • Mr. Jaekyu Kim

 Museum of Sports and Tourism in Warsaw, Poland

  •  Mr. Michel Puszkarski
  •  Mr. Tomas Jagodzinki

Richmond’s Olympic Experience, Richmond, Canada

  • Ms. Shana Turner

Norwegian Olympic Museum, Lillehammer, Norway

  • Ms. Mari Synnove Stakston

Gothenburg Sports Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Mr. Hans Elbel

Singapore Youth Olympic Museum, Singapore

  • Mr. Chris Chang

Shapporo Winter Sport Museum, Japan

  • Mr. Yoshihiro Mori
  • Ms. Naoko Ichinamiya
  • Ms. Michiko Kikuchi

Nagano Olympic Museum, Japan

  • Mr. Ryuichiro Tsuchiya
  • Ms. Yuri Nakajima
  • Mr. Haruki Majima

The Olympic Experience, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Mr. Kobi Solomon

Nanjing Olympic Museum, People’s Republic of China

  • Mr .Ching-Kuo Wu
  • Mr.  Jun Wang

Slovak Olympic and Sport Museum

  • Dr. Zdenka Letenayová

Japan Olympic Museum, Japan

  • Mr. Naoki Hagiwara
  • Mr . Kiichiro Matsumaru

IRAN Museum, Iran

  • Haideh Saifari