Conferences on Sports and the Environment.

The Olympic and Sports Museum has hosted the conferences on Sports and the Environment.

The program offered throughout the morning of Friday, the 27th of November, enjoyed the participation of Carmen Ercilla and Josep Manel Esteban from the Barcelona Regional Government, with a speech on the “The greening of sports events and equipment.” Later, Gabriel Arranz, director of Promotion and Events for the Barcelona Sports Institute, spoke about “the experience of a Greening Major Events. The result of sharing good environmental practices in sports” and “The good environmental practices in municipal sports facilities in Barcelona.” Subsequently, Juli Pernas director of the Fundación Barcelona Olímpica (Foundation) and President of the Spanish Olympic Committee Commission for Sports and the Environment moderated the roundtable. The second half of the day was moderated by Pau Pérez, geographer, geologist and merit member of the Spanish Olympic Committee Commission for Sports and the Environment, Jordi Soler, geographer and director of the northern territorial section of Natural Parks for the Barcelona Provincial Government who spoke about “Sports in protected natural areas.” Afterwards, Isabel Raventós, director of the service for public use, dissemination and environmental education of Collserola Park spoke about “Future Challenges. Riding a bike around Collserola.” To conclude these conferences, Krishana Monton, manager and owner of the firm Yeti Emotions SL, underscored the actions her company performs in the “Sustainability and profitability of a sports adventure company.” José Mª Nasarre, Doctor in Law and University of Saragossa professor and responsible for the Spanish Federation for Mountain Sports and Climbing (FEDME) spoke about access and nature area to underline “The legal framework for active tourism.” He pointed out the development of laws that regulate, depending on the various regions, the companies dedicated to sports activities in natural areas. These conferences are but a sample of the need and interest shown by institutions, companies and individuals to improve and take into consideration the environment. This past 20th of November, the City Alderman for Sports and Youth for the Palma de Mallorca City Hall, Baldomero Oliver, inaugurated the workshop, “Sustainable Sports and the Environment” with the participation of various organizations, among these, Juli Pernas, Member of the SOC and who said that the Barcelona Sports Institute (IBE) IS COMMITTED TO IMPROVING SPORTS FACILITIES WITH IMPLICATIONS IN RENEWABLE ENERGY AND THE REUSE OF WATER RESOURCES.