Decision of the jury of the 7th Barcelona Olympic Foundation International Art on Paper Award for 2016

Having been convened, the jury, comprising Romà Arranz, teacher at the Escola Massana Arts and Design School, Raquel Medina, art critic and member of ACCA-AICA (Catalan Association of Art Critics); Miriam Alcaraz, Director of the La Casa Elizalde Cultural Centre, Antoni Benages, artist, and Juli Pernas, Director of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation, has decided, after careful deliberation, that the winners of these 7th Barcelona Olympic Foundation International Art on Paper Awards are:

1st prize: Triatlón: Etapas, competencias y triunfo (Triathlon: Stages, skills and victory) (Indian ink) by Soledad Velasco

2nd prize: Travesía a nado (Open water swimming) graphite and carbon paper) by Dolores Pascual

3rd prize:  Fast food Olympia 2 (oil) by José Salguero

The prize-winning works together with the finalists will be exhibited in the Temporary Gallery of the Joan Antoni Samaranch Olympic and Sports Museum from 27 September.

Let us recall that this international competition is endowed with various cash prizes: €2500 (1st prize), €1800 (2nd prize) and €1200 (3rd prize).