It begins the BCN Sport Film Festival 2013, these new edition of the Festival of Film and Television Sport arrives to Barcelona with 60 poster film

The opening BCN Sports Film Festival in 2013 was led by Maite Fandos, president of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation and Deputy Mayor for Quality of Life, Equality and Sports with Franco Ascanio, president of the Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs , Carles Llorens, director of the Catalan Agency for Cooperation and John Fa, President of the Catalan Basketball Federation.

The event gave the prize SPOTSPORT. In this second edition with 1000 euros prize went to the independent producer Houfilms. Miguel Centeno, head of sponsorship SPORT newspaper, was responsible for the award to Oriol Martinez and Henry Ribes producers of the spot "Between Friends." This year there have been 14 spots and half of them went to the final. The directors are proud of the quality and dedication of these profesional audiovisual.

The inauguration attended by Josep Lluís Vilaseca and John Anton Camunias, ex General Secretary of Sports of Catalonia; Santi Siquier, regional representative of the Government of Catalonia, among other personalities from the worlds of culture and sport.

Augustine Argelich, festival director, said the amount, more than 200 productions and audiovisual material quality received in this forth edition and the difficulty of making the selection of 60 productions for the different sessions that make up the program of the Olympic Museum Scope of the cultural Hall of El Corte Inglés.

The event ended with the screening of a small sample of material received: Olympic Vermin – entertainment – and documentary about the importance of sport in Africa – Unicorn Sashimi – Documentary snowboarding and skiing as extreme activity – and The man Who lived on his bike – documetal fiction dream of living on the bicycle.

All sessions of the Festival receive free admission to their headquarters: Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport i la Sala Àmbit Cultural d’El Corte Inglés de Portal de l’Angel.