Lausanne hosted the 6th General Assembly of Olympic Museums Network

The General Assembly of Olympic Museum was held the 29 and 30 September in the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne.

This 6th edition has been chaired by Mr. Francis Gabet, Director General, Ms. Fréderique Jamolli, conservator and Ms. Anne Chevalley manager of pedagogical and educational services in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

The meeting has been attended by the representatives of the Olympic museum network. Among those in attendance were: 

Mr. Frank Dürr (Köln, Germany), Ms. Kyriaki Oudatzi (Thessaloniki, Greece), Mr. Hans Lubberding (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Mr. Ching-kuo Wu (China Xiamen-Taipei), Ms. Kerri Y. Choi (Seoul, South Korea), Ms. Jun Wang (Beijing, China), Ms. Teresa Agulló (Barcelona, ​​Spain), Mr. Kalle Voolanid (Tartu, Estonia), Mr. Pekka Honkanen (Helsinki, Finland), Mr . Christian Wacker (Doha, Qatar), Ms. Christiane Paquelet (Brazilian, Brazil), Mr. Roland Renson (Hofstade, Belgium), Mr. Michal Puszkarski (Warsaw, Poland), Mr. Aharon Bernhstein (Tel Aviv, Israle) Mr. Charles Callins (Wellington, New Zealand), Ms. Annie Lhéritier (Paris, France), Ms. Marianne Shaw (Lillehammer, Norway) and Ms. Jane Fernyhough (Richmond, Canada).