Olympic and Paralympic athletes and technical bodies have been the protagonists of the third and last day of the 14th edition of the Olympic Forum “The impact of COVID in sport”

On this last day, athletes, coaches and technical staff of Paralympic and Olympic entities have been part of the two round tables where the different experiences lived during this chaotic year and a half of pandemic have been analysed and narrated. Aspects of training, routines, psychology and / or motivation are some of the topics that have been discussed in this last day.

In the first of the tables, we have had the participation of Jordi Morales, Paralympic table tennis player; Sylvana Mestre, CEO Play and Train and Sergio Garrote, Paralympic champion in Tokyo 2020. The second round table, was formed by Pere Manuel, Col·legi de Professionals de l’Activitat Física i de l’Esport; Mayuko Fujiki, Spanish Artistic Swimming Coach; Daniel Brotons, director of the Unitat d’Esport i Salut del Consell Català de l’Esport and Marta Galimany, Olympic athlete.

The Olympic Forum has ended with the participation of the journalist Joan Manel Surroca who has reminded us of the most outstanding points in this 14th edition of the Olympic Forum on “The impact of COVID in sport.”

We remind you that on the YouTube channel: Fundació Barcelona Olímpica – Museu Olímpic you can enjoy all the presentations and interventions of this 14th edition of the Olympic Forum.