Journalism with Olympic footprint

This book is much more than a journalistic article collection on the Olympic movement.

This book is much more than a journalistic article collection on the Olympic movement. The content that makes you extract a part of the existence of the Barcelona Olympic Games and help you learn more about the sports capital of our city.

Catalonia and Barcelona have been one of the excellent journalists who have witnessed the sporting events that formed the capital of Barcelona. These professionals are registered at crucial moments for the life of our city and have been classified as active in the world of sport. Work and stories that have paved the way for the new generations.

There are stories of journalists who leave a lot of weight, since the media sometimes were very important. His articles show, for example, how the first Olympic Games have been interested in the past years of past years, the support he received from Barcelona from the IOC and the same Pierre de Coubertin. Or the conclusion of the so-called “first world”, going through the Mediterranean Games, on the first television at the Olympic Games in color and live – those of Tokyo, 1964 -; or the appearance of tartan in the games of Mexico, that led a revolution to the world of athletics; or the principle of the symbolism of the Olympic holes, or the narration from within the international political conflicts that come much more from the sport.

When it comes to sports and Olympism, it has been more rewarded as a newspaper that has played a very important role. Journalism tells the story of the present, but over time, journalism is the historical document that provides information and transmission of values. Sport is a social phenomenon that marked Barcelona and became what it is today.

We will meet with a material of this collaboration work between the Barcelona Olympic Foundation and the Export and Cities Foundation. You do not have to evaluate this book to know the historical reality of Export and Olympism. I hope you enjoy your reading, at the same time as your documentary objective.