Paris 1924: Coubertin’s Games

For the third time in history, in 2024, Paris hosts the Olympic Games of the XXXIII Olympiad, coinciding with the centenary of the Games of the VIII edition also held in the French capital in 1924. The title of this work aims to reflect the decisive intervention of Pierre de Coubertin to see an Olympic Games in Paris before leaving his presidency to the International Olympic Committee. The pretext was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the creation of the International Olympic Committee, founded at the University of La Sorbonne in 1894, and the intention was to revive Paris with a new edition of the Olympic Games taking into account its growing dimension and impact. It should be remembered that Pierre de Coubertin had been very disappointed with the experience of the 1900 Paris Olympics.
This second edition of the Olympic Games was very diffuse, especially for two reasons: on the one hand, the rudimentary structure of the Olympic Games in its beginnings, and, on the other hand, that those Games were held from May 14 to October 28, coinciding with the Universal Exhibition held in the French capital from April 14 to November 22. Although a large number of events occurred, many did not conform to the demands of a Games, with an unofficial character that would be reviewed in subsequent decades.


Joan Manel Surroca