Social networks were the topic addressed in the morning conference held during the 11th Edition of the Olympic Forum.

Romà Cuyas, former Secretary of Sport; Gerard Esteva, President of the Sports Federation Union of Catalonia (UFEC); Santiago Siquier, territorial representative of the Generalitat and Marta Carranza, Commissioner of Sport of Barcelona City Hall, were in charge of opening the conferences of this 11th Edition of the Olympic Forum.

After opening the morning conference of the Olympic Forum, it was time for the speeches delivered by Emilio Fernàndez, lecturer at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), who demonstrated the reality of social networks. Then Jana Garcia, director of sport and social projects at ITIK, emphasised the versatility and variety of the networks and their uses within “Social Sport”. To end the round table, the participants, made up of the journalist, Jaume Soler; the communications manager at the UFEC, Verònica Caro and Joan Mayol, representative of Fasttriatlon, pointed out three aspects of the use of social networks.

Veronica from the Sports Federation Union of Catalonia emphasised how their use increases the visibility of the sports and federations they support, giving them a certain amount of visibility in the media. In turn, Joan Mayol explained how social networks led to the creation of a club called Fasttriatlon, which got underway thanks to Facebook and the initiative of Albert Parreño. Today, thanks to its 200 members the club now has a registered office. Finally, bringing the conference to an end, Jaume Soler explained how the life of a sports journalist has changed in the last decade, thanks to, or despite, social networks.