Technological progress enables precision and control in sports

The afternoon session in the Olympic Forum spoke highly of new technologies and the wonderful possibilities they offer sports.

Joan Porcar, managing director of the Alesport Group, was one of the creators and promoters of Titan Desert in the desert. The possibilities for controlling the event and the quality new technologies give this kind of race is what makes them possible and easier to access by the public.

On the other hand, Andor Serra, former director of the Barcelona World Race, highlighted the visibility of sports that are difficult to understand, such as sailing, and which thanks to modern technologies are now more accessible to the general public.

Xavier Esteve, manager of INDESCAT, the Catalan Sports Cluster, emphasised the diverse needs of sports-related businesses. Each company is a different world with a wide range of needs and new technologies can deal with these varied requirements.

Participating in the round table was Isidre Sistare from Duet Sport; Dídac Martínez of the Picornell App; Toti Mumbrú from the Catalan Basketball Federation and Albert Marcos from Top 30, who told everyone about the experiences of different entities and sports events that use new technologies.