The Results of the International Barcelona Olympic Foundation Prize – Art on Paper. Granada native Leonor Solans won with her work entitled “Amazona”.

‘Boxeo’ by Ana Belén Hernández came in second and ‘La triatlò” by Barcelona native Daniel Fuster came in third place. The three winning pieces in addition to the finalist entries will be on display as of 13 September in the temporary exhibit room of the Joan Antoni Samarach Museu Olímpic i de l'Esport (Olympics and Sports Museum). Access to the room will be free. If you’d like more information on our finalists, you can find it all on the Facebook page

The panel of judges formed by Esther Medina, art teacher and critic; Romà Arranz, professor at l’Escola Massana; Antoni Benages, painter and Juli Pernas, Director of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation decided:

‘Amazona’  – mixed technique – was awarded the 2013 winner’s diploma and a financial prize of €2500.

‘Boxeo’ – watercolour, charcoal and  gold leaf – was awarded with second place and a financial prize of €1800.

‘La Triatlò’ – coloured pencil–, received €1200 for third place.