FORUM & SOCIETY THE FOCUS Josep Lluís Vilaseca

The Museu Olímpic i de l'Esport (Olympics and Sports Museum) Auditorium hosted the presentation by Josep Lluís Vilaseca, who after Franco’s dictatorship was the first Sports Director in Catalonia.

An auditorium filled with authorities connected to sports in Catalonia and Spain – Albert Solé –Director General for Sports of the Higher Council for Sports- Rafael Niubó – Secretary of the Office of the Vice-President of the Generalitat of Catalonia  – David Moner – President of the UFEC -, Romà Cuyàs – former President of the Spanish Olympic Committee -, Pere Alcober – Delegate for Sports of the City of Barcelona -, among others, listened carefully to the words of Jose Lluís Vilaseca who gave a brief review of his 15 years at the head of the sports delegation of Catalonia (1980-1995).  Most of those present had their moment during the speech as in Vilaseca’s words, the transition to democracy was difficult but the cooperation among the people – regardless of political party or origin – and their desire to work for sports made it so that many dreams, many of our dreams, were fulfilled.

At the end of Vilaseca’s presentation, he gave thanks for the participation of all those present and the public responded with a lengthy standing ovation in recognition to a man who has been committed to work, his country and above all, sports.