50th anniversary of the ’64 Olympics

The Barcelona Olympic Foundation decided to pay homage on the 50th anniversary to the Olympic Games held in Tokyo and Innsbruck in 1964.

The tribute took the form of accounts given by a number of Catalan athletes from the Spanish delegation, who shared their experience from a contemporary perspective. María Ballesté, Lluis Viu, Juan Àngel Calzado and Jordi Mariné took part on the round table of speakers in an auditorium full of memories and featuring other members of the team, such as Joaquim Pujol, Toni Codina, Francesc Massana, Francesc Prat, Antoni Nogues, Narcís Ventalló, Jordi Vidal and others. The event was likewise attended by Leandre Megre, President of the International Hockey Federation, and members the Spanish Olympic Committee: Joan Garrigós, Santi Deo, Juli Pernas and Josep Lluís Vilaseca.

At the height of the Franco era, the Spanish delegation attended the Summer and Winter Olympic Games with a total of 57 athletes.

Tokyo was the host city for the summer games, where 51 athletes, 48 men and 3 women (all the latter from the world of swimming), with Joan Antoni Samaranch as the head of mission, made up the delegation. The team sent to Innsbruck, host of the Winter Olympics, comprised 6 athletes, all of them men.